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If you are just getting started on how to optimize your website in the search engines, Google My Business is the best place to start. When consumers in your local area search Google for a product or service, they are on the verge of buying. These are ideal customers who are in need of an immediate solution to a problem. So its important that your business information is as accurate, complete, and optimized to show up when they search 'towing service near me', or whatever your local business service may be.

Google My Business is completely free to use, as long as you have some face-to-face interaction with your customers. You can't be a 100% online business.

Our team will create your Google My Business (GMB) listing and set it up properly to allow local customers to find you when they search your local area. There is a formal verification process that is required with Google to ensure you are a legitimate store front business and this is where we come in. We will manage this for you and then activate it your profile. We then focus on fleshing out your profile and ensuring all your buisness information is available to be found in the Google 3 pack, which are the top three local businesses ranked in your local area.

Six Reasons Why you Should Have an Optimized Google Business Profile


With our proven methodology, you will see a steady, stable increase in your website traffic over time. More visitors to your website, means more eyeballs on your offerings.


More and more businesses are realizing the benefits of Organic SEO. If your competitors haven't started investing in Organic SEO, you can be sure that they will be in the near future.


The conversion rate of SEO leads can't be matched by other forms of online marketing. Leads coming in from Organic SEO actually searched for your offering before landing on your website.



A carefully planned SEO strategy, using proven methodology is the best guarantee to ensure your position in Google’s search results where potential customers will be able to find your website. The greater your visibility, the greater the chances more of your audience will be aware of your offering.


Over time, users have come to trust Google. When your website ranks high in the search engine result pages, people automatically assign a certain level of trust to your brand.


Although SEO results are not instant, they do posess longevity. Once in place, your rankings will remain stable if worked on continuously. Compared to online ads, SEO is a long term strategy.

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