Which website type is best for YOU?

In a technology driven age, it has become essential for all businesses to create a presence online. Your customers and potential customers need to be able to look for you via Google or get more information about you after seeing your ad in the newspaper. It has become an essential part of building new customer relationships. Your website is an extension of your business flyer or business card, with your contact information and what your business stands for clearly visible. Giving information on your background, your experience and all other credentials will give potential customers the confidence they need to choose you over the competition. If you are not visible online, then you are out of the race. But it doesn’t need to be expensive or time-consuming.

Basic Web Design

In each web design project, our goal is to create premium professionally designed WordPress website that showcases the best technology and is built for SEO and digital marketing. This involves using the latest technology and using the best design for your business niche to execute a clean, elegant, premium website for your business.

Digital Media Pal will develop of high-quality WordPress site (we use Astra theme and Elementor page builder) which includes activation of features such as blogs, social media icons, etc.

Please note that our service does NOT include hosting or an SSL certificatate.


  • WordPress development based on custom WordPress templates created specifically for local industry niches
  • Fast turn-around time from start of campaign to initial client assessment and approval
  • Up to 2 revisions covering design and content
  • Quick turnaround time from start of campaign to deployment. Any additional feature tacks on additional time
  • Up to 15 premium stock photos bought and used specifically for the site
  • Custom design, created specifically for your business based on your personality
    SEO-ready websites with features integrated such as blogs, social media icons, HTML and XML site maps, etc.
  • Responsive web design ensures the website is displayed correctly across all screens
    Social media icons, favicons, widgets, contact forms, etc.

Basic Web Design + Content

With this option, we will develop a high-quality WordPress site with content creation. You will receive all the features of the Basic Web Design package, but our team of experienced professionals will write compelling and quality content to sell your service. Content creation can take a lot of time to produce and we recommend this web design option if you are starting from scratch or need to revamp your current website.

Please note that our service does NOT include hosting or an SSL certificatate.

  • Approximately three to four week turn-around time from intake form to final release. The first two weeks will be audited (initial and final, respectively).
  • 10 days FREE maintenance included after the initial two-week development for support, minor updates, and additional content uploads
  • Up to 2 revisions covering design and content
  • Up to five 350-word pages included for main page, about us, contact us, plus two pages of your choice.
  • Fast, elegant web design based on WordPress
  • SEO-ready content and development

Advanced Website Design

A custom website stands out from the two previous options by virtue of its highly quality and sophistication, its superior navigation and functionality, and its uniqueness in your industry setting where your competitors websites look virtually the same. When your customers view cookie-cutter type websites, they tend to form the same opinion of your business - that there is nothing special or beneficial about it - and it's just like the rest.

We will create of highly customized WordPress site and up to 2 homepage and inner page mockups, and revisions. (NOTE: Project acceptance is subject to review of the Service Level Agreement (SLA), scope and deliverables).

Please note that our service does NOT include hosting or an SSL certificatate.

  • Two Design Concepts for Homepage with up to 2 Revisions
  • Up to 2 Inner Page Mockups with up to 2 revisions
  • Blog Activation
  • Up to 3 Contact Forms
  • Up to 3 Widgets
  • Two (2) Free Plugin Installation
  • Up to 40 Page Transfers (subject to review and scoping)
  • HTML and XML Sitemap
  • Favicon
  • Social Media Icons
  • Branded WordPress Login Page
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Homepage Slideshow, Photo Gallery, and other features as needed
  • Website Design is completed within approximately 30 to 45 days depending on the complexity of the site design and timeliness of feedback.

Six reasons you MUST have a high level website for your business!

Reach a Key Online Demographic

You have been missing out on a whole segment of potential customers with your current ad campaigns. The highest mass market available is the demographic of the internet user. These users are usually college-educated or in the process and earns a high salary, or will earn a high salary soon.


Save Time by Educating Your Customers Online

How many phone calls have you fielded about your business hours, directions to your business, product pricing etc. Time costs money. Having all the information on your website will curb a lot of these types of phone calls and release you to focus your time on growing your business.


Get Referrals

People love sharing their lives through social media and this includes their experiences when dealing with businesses. Spreading good experiences they had with your business is the best way of getting new referrals as your customers’ social media network far exceeds their personal network.


Bolster Your Current Ad Campaigns

When you run an ad campaign using traditional media, there’s a definite end point in terms of visibility. By simply adding your website URL to your ad campaign, your potential customers have a place where they can get more information about your product and share your campaign with their friends. The reach is far wider than with traditional media.


Establish a Relationship with Your Customers

When you have your own website, your customers have 24/7 access to your company. Unlike your store, or business location which has closing times, your website is always open and ready to assist your customers. This is why it is imperative for any business to have a website to increase their visibility.


Quick Communication to your Customers

By owning a website you have a credible source of information for your existing and potential customers. Press releases, blog posts and other pages provide you with the power to control your brand image and communication to your customers and potential customers.


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